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Prayer for Chistine Kung who is battling cancer - (09/16/2014) Please pray for Christine Kung who lives in Flushing, New York with her husband John who is the local pastor. Christine and John are long time hard working members. Christine has been battling a form of early dementia, I'm sorry I do not know ...  
Report on the August 24+ Get Together - (09/13/2014) 24 CONNECT August 21-24 | Aptos, CA Report by Wendy Fiala, Program Coordinator The newly branded 24+ Connect retreat, previously the 24+ Unificationist Singles retreat, was recently held at a rustic campground in a redwood grove just ...  
LOVE – What Is It??? - (09/10/2014) Love for No Reason by Marci Shimoff “There is no need for you to seek God. You need to seek love before seeking God. If you have love in you, God will automatically come to you. He will be drawn to you and bind Himself to you. That is why, if ...  
Next Energize! Couples Retreat Nov. 7-9 - (09/07/2014)  
Kevin Winter brain surgery update... - (09/04/2014)  
Proof for God #68, Symmetry - (09/03/2014)  
Non-sexual touch... It is more important than we might think. - (09/01/2014)  
What's Up? Check here... - (09/01/2014)  


09/18/2014 Foundation Day (1976) Washington Monument Rally  
09/18/2014 Ultimas Noticias Established (1981)  
09/24/2014 Cheon Bu Ju Hwi: Declaration Day of Heavenly Parentism (1989)   
09/26/2014 Kook Jin nim & Ji Hye nim's Blessing (2004)   
09/28/2014 Daemo-nim's Ascension (1989)   
10/02/2014 Declaration Ceremony for the Liberation of the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Substantial Realm (1999)  
10/03/2014 3.10 Jeol (1999)  
10/03/2014 Interreligious and International Peace Council Inauguration   
10/04/2014 In Sup nim's Birthday (1972)  
10/04/2014 Foundation for the Support of HSA-UWC Established (1963)  
looking for a place to sleep in NYC on Friday , Sept 19 - (Family News 09/17/2014)
13 Suggestions on tending our intimate garden of blessing love... - (News 06/19/2014)
Financial Peace University Program - Summer - (News 07/03/2014)
Blessed love is how we reflect our Heavenly Parent... - (News 08/13/2014)
How would you think blessed marriage is a trinity? - (News 08/31/2014)
2014 Harvest Festival September 19–21 - (News 08/31/2014)
Learn to AVOID these common reflexive actions to improve your couple... - (News 08/28/2014)
Proof for God: #66 Arrowheads and Stone Bowls - (News 08/29/2014)




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prayer needed for Esther Batino who had a stroke
Prayer for national leadership & prosperity for our church members
Please pray for Songja Ono. She has been fighting cancer since mid September.
Update Vanessa Anderson your prayers are working
Pray for Chuck Connelly...

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The BFA neither recommends or critiques the items posted in this website.