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New Website - Divine Principle Online Video Center - (03/25/2015) New website - Divine Principle Online Video Center Everyday people across the world use this new website to study the Divine Principle. It features Divine Principle lecture videos. Please check this out: ...  
Shinnosuke Takahashi has passed. - (03/23/2015) In Loving Memory of Shinnosuke Takahashi (1953 - 2015) Spouse: Miyano Takahashi Children: Shino, Kousuke Birth Date: June 22, 1953 Blessing Date: October 14, 1982 Ascension Date: March 19, 2015 11:09 AM Generation: 1st ...  
Proof for God #80 Four Fundamental Forces - (03/21/2015) Proof for God #80 Four Fundamental Forces is up and waiting for you The whole universe runs on just 4 types of forces... (gravity, electromagnetic, and 2 atomic forces) But they all had to exist BEFORE the Big Bang or no universe. ...  
For wives - A way to be happier and create a happier couple... - (03/19/2015)  
A very insightful and heartistic interview with Sun Jin-nim... - (03/18/2015)  
Do Libido and Intimacy fade as we age? It depends on intention and which old wives' tales we choose to believe... - (03/17/2015)  
Two different Intimacy webinars for blessed couples in March... - (03/15/2015)  
Proof for God #79 The Heart. - (03/15/2015)  


03/26/2015 Yeon Jin nim's Birthday (1981)  
03/26/2015 Martial Arts Federation for World PeaceEstablished (1997)  
03/27/2015 Hyo Jin nim's Ascension (2008)  
03/27/2015 New Ecumenical Research Association(New ERA) Inauguration (1980)  
03/28/2015 43 Couples' Blessing (1969)  
03/28/2015 International Christian ProfessorsAssociation Established (1981)  
04/03/2015 New Hope Farm Declaration (1995)  
04/03/2015 Dedication Ceremony for the Chung Shim Tap Memorial Tower & Jeong Shim Won Prayer Hall (2000)  
04/06/2015 Pyeonghwa Motors General Factory Completed (2002)  
04/07/2015 42 Couples' Blessing (1989)  
36 Couples' Blessing (1961) - (Calendar 05/05/2015)
Declaration of True Parents' East and West (Global) Victory (1999) - (Calendar 05/30/2015)
Hyun Jin nim's Birthday (1969) - (Calendar 05/27/2015)
American Clergy Leadership Conference Established (2000) - (Calendar 05/22/2015)
Shin Ye nim's Ascension (2001) - (Calendar 05/22/2015)
118 Couples' Blessing (1978) - (Calendar 05/21/2015)
Washington Times Established (1982) - (Calendar 05/17/2015)
Citizen's Federation for the Unification of the Fatherland (1987) - (Calendar 05/15/2015)




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The BFA neither recommends or critiques the items posted in this website.