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Building a good marriage is not an easy task.  It requires a lot of investment, and there are many skills you can learn that will help you to move closer to the True Love ideals.  Take the time to learn from others who have experience and success!
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Love and Support for Men and Women Experiencing Same-sex Attraction- Retreat December 12-14, 2014 - (12/12/2014) A weekend retreat designed for those who experience wanted or unwanted same-sex attraction, gender confusion and/or sexual orientation issues. A safe, and non-judgmental environment to share openly about your issues, struggles and dreams. Hosted ...  
Family Matching Support Webinar Series beginning on November 19th, 2014. - (10/12/2014) Is your family interested in learning about the Matching process and networking with other Unificationist families? The Matching is a big deal for many Unificationist families. That’s why we’re a Unification Family Matching Support Webinar Series ...  
Here are some basic causes (and cures for) depresion... - (10/01/2014) Depression often has multiple causes, and these causes are generally intertwined — which means there is not just one way of dealing with it. By Margaret Paul Issues of our ancestors' and cross-generational resentment, along with the energy of ...  
Would you be interested in serving on the BFA Board? - (10/01/2014)  
What's Up? Check here... - (10/01/2014)  
Annemarie Pankow has transitioned - (09/30/2014)  
Watch the USA Memorial for True Father here... - (09/29/2014)  
There is good reason to be patient in growing in love for our eternal spouse... - (09/29/2014)  


10/20/2014 Day of Dispensational Transition Point Toward Unification (1988)  
10/21/2014 777 Couples' Blessing (1970)  
10/31/2014 6500 Couples' Blessing (1988)  
11/14/2014 International Christian Students Association Established (1981)  
11/16/2014 True Parents' Blessing Ceremony for Second Generation (2009)  
11/22/2014 True Children's Day (1960)  
11/23/2014 Tiempos Del Mundo Established (1996)  
11/24/2014 Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World (1988)  
11/25/2014 Chun Soon Il: Day of Victory of Heaven (1976)  
11/27/2014 Sun Hwa Academy purchased (2002)  
Pick-up Truck needed - (Personal 10/16/2014)
Custom Made Holy Gowns by a Korean Seamstress in DC - (Resource 10/09/2014)
Next Energize! Couples Retreat Nov. 7-9 - (News 09/24/2014)
Unequal libidos - the other way around... - (News 09/20/2014)
Proof for God #69 The Archerfish - (News 09/29/2014)
Update Prayer for Grace Eston (still in coma) - (Prayer 07/11/2014)
Please help my twin sister... - (Prayer 07/21/2014)




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Please help my twin sister...
Please pray for and write to Iris Sardella
Urgent prayer needed for Joshua Cotter Jr. Young Kwang
URGENT - Morrow Willis needs a marrow transplant...
prayer needed for Esther Batino who had a stroke

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The BFA neither recommends or critiques the items posted in this website.