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This is your community!

It is an organization founded by and for Blessed couples and families.

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About Us

The Blessed Family Association (BFA) is non-profit, grassroots, membership-based organization open to all couples Blessed in marriage by Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, founders of the Unification Movement and the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. The purpose of the BFA is to help Blessed Families support and communicate with one another.

This is your community!

The BFA is distinctly different from the Blessed Family Department/Ministry (BFM). The BFA is a membership organization, whereas the BFM is a department of the Family F ederation. The two organizations work closely together, and the BFM is represented on our board. While the BFM concerns itself with official standards and policies, our goal is to help blessed families meet our common needs. We elect our own board and we are self-funding. Our intention is to provide financial support, education, communication, matching and other important services to all our members.

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Our Goals

  • Understand and represent the needs of member families
  • Empower those who feel called to help fulfill needs of member families
  • Connect member families with service providers
  • Represent and communicate needs of member families to the Family Federation leadership
  • Inspire activities, projects and programs to fulfill these goals

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